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How long does it take to do a Chalk Talk?

That all depends on the size and complexity of the drawing.  A typical normal drawing takes 12-18 minutes, while a typical large drawing takes 18-25 minutes. 


Do you talk and draw at the same time?

Not normally.  The drawings are done with background music to compliment the drawing or, in the case of longer drawings done in conjunction with the Praise and/or worship.  The talk may follow or precede the drawing. 


What do you do with the picture when it is finished?

The picture is left with the contact person of the church or organization. 


How about large groups, will they be able to see?

In order to accommodate a wide range of groups sizes "This Chalk Talks" utilizes different size easels that allow for effective viewing by small groups to groups of a thousand or more.  You may contact "This Chalk Talks" to discuss any questions or special arrangements for your group.


Can we pick a picture to compliment our program?

Yes, for special occasions such as Christmas , Easter programs. Please specify exactly what your desires are with regard to both topic and time allotment  when scheduling.


How much does it cost?

This Chalk Talks ministry requests traveling expenses and love offering or equivalent.


How far do you travel?

Presently, we are based in Southeastern Michigan (Metro Detroit  and surronding areas).  Howver we areavailable to travel anywhere.


What preparations would we need to make? 

  • Call, text or email to schedule the event.
  • We  will need access to the room of the presentation one hour prior to the start time for set up. 
  • Provide working electrical outlets to power lighting on the easel.
  • In order to maximize the lighting effects be sure the room can be darkened.  The hidden picture that emerges from the drawing is only possible in a dark room environment.

Further questions may be directed to: Dennis@DrDH.net

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